Rudy Gotés - Instructor & Tandem Pilot

My passion for flying started the first day I lifted my feet off the ground when I was 11 years old. It led me to work in Australia with the Delta Wings Gliders factory and I also worked in Moyes, California. After that, I competed in many parts of the world and created my own flight school in Mexico to share with those who have always dreamed of flying and to make those dreams come true.

We teach flying in a safe and professional way with a team dedicated to the experience.
I have been national champion and have also had the honor of being ranked as one of the top 10 in the world. More than 10,000 flight hours, 10 world championships, and hundreds of international competitions support the safety of your flight.

I am also a sponsored athlete of Wills Wing in Mexico. I am highly motivated to promote this sport to people so they can see the world from above. Giving them the opportunity to escape their daily life makes me very happy.

The idea of ​​flying is to go outdoors to get in touch with landscapes, to lift up from earth, to see everything from above, to take updrafts, to reach the clouds, to make turns and maneuvers in the air, to experience g-forces, to feel the fast wind in your face, and to land well after a nice flight.


We are more than a flight school, we are a community that offers experiences in nature through flying. Our mission is to give people with an adventurous spirit, the opportunity to expand their limits, to belong to a community that shares their same goals and interests, and to integrate families into the experience with nature and local culture.


Vuelo Libre Mexico project goes beyond being the number one free-flight school in Mexico. Our vision is to keep growing a flying tribe that shares the ideal of promoting and passing on this sport to new generations.

Our aim is also to give our customers and their families significant experiences in Valle, by sharing the local culture and making them active participants instead of just passive spectators.

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